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Insurance Premium Tax Change 2016

HM Revenue & Customs announced on 16 March 2016 that the standard Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rate would be increased from 9.5% to10% from 1st October 2016. Click on the link below to find out who will be affected by the new rules and what happens if you need to make an adjustment to your policy outside of your standard renewal cycle.

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Business Insurance: Are you covered where it counts?

Businesses are tricky things, and insuring them can be one of the trickiest things of all. Insurance can be confusing and that’s why getting the right insurance company or broker is so important. They can get to grips with your operation, explain all the features and find, or create, a policy which fits best. 

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You and ROI

ROI are three letters that marketers like to talk about a lot. They stand for Return On Investment, which loosely translates as the amount of money you get back for the money you spend on advertising.

Simply put, if you spend £500 on a series of adverts, how many phone calls do you want to receive from that?

If you were to spend £500 on a series of adverts, how many sales do you need to make in order to get that money back? How many more do you have to make to actually get a profit out of it?

ROI is really simple basic stuff, but it is shocking how many people don’t pay close enough attention to it.

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3 Reasons Why you Should Have a Company Website

There is a very valid argument that despite the rise of technology and the internet in general that most of the world’s trade still happens offline. Even with a lot of insurance companies, most of the sales come through the phone as opposed to the website.

With this argument, many people come to the conclusion that their company doesn’t need to have a website at all and that it will be a drain on resources for a very minimal amount of return. Let’s take a look at three reasons why that conclusion might be wrong and how a website can benefit you.

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Using LinkedIn for Networking

Social media is still a bit of a mystery to most people. Even those with social media as part of their jobs it can be a little mystifying. Networking itself is however a crucial part of developing your business and networking is something that computers have been excellent at for decades. The logical conclusion is therefore that computers should be good at helping you network.

From a business perspective, you can squeeze a huge amount of potential out of one social network in particular: LinkedIn. This is a highly business focused social network occasionally described as Facebook for you CV. It is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with people you have worked with in the past who might prove useful to your career or business in the future. I have spoken with several CEOs and business owners who have found it an invaluable tool in keeping up with people that they’ve met at conferences or seminars beyond collecting a simple business card.

Here are some tips on how to get started.

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