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Health and Safety (Not) Gone Mad

Health and safety might not be the first thing that gets a priority with your small business, but sooner or later you are going to have to give some consideration to it.

Health and safety is a much derided phrase that gets thrown around with a lot of negative connotation attached to it. The more ridiculous over-reactions in this field tend to make headline news, but this is often because they are the exceptions. Even with some of those that seem ridiculous, the actual facts are rarely known.

For example, the infamous Stella Liebeck McDonald’s coffee cup case...

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Card processing fees

Insurance Payments

The European Union is clamping down on payment card companies charging fees to retailers to cover processing card costs. Whilst at present, businesses need to pay large amounts to card companies in order to accept the pieces of plastic as payment, this aims to be capped at 0.3%, down from the current amounts of 0.9%.

This sounds like good news for small businesses everywhere but how could it affect you and what do you need to think about?

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