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Keep marketing simple


When David asked me if I was happy to share some marketing advice for FSB members reading the blog, it got me thinking about what some of the most common misconceptions were surrounding the dark arts of marketing.

Anyone who has tipped their toes into marketing as a career will find one very common trend: people think...

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Visual guides to business insurance


Everyone processes information differently. Newspapers worked this one out a long time ago when they formatted their stories in columns, because it’s just easier to read this way.

When it comes to business insurance, there is often a lot of information to process, but the absolute basics tend to be a bit more straight forward. Getting to those basics can however be a bit of a challenge when you’re faced with a policy wording that might not be written in clear every-day English.

To address this problem, we’ve produced a series of...

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Card payments: What's the catch?

Yesterday we ran a piece about accepting card payments as a small business and someone dropped us a line to ask if there were any downsides to doing so.

Beyond the fees that you often need to pay on transactions and occasionally on the device itself, there are a couple and so we thought we'd share what we learnt.

For a start, using these devices opens you up for increased liability for...

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8 ways to accept card payments


Image courtesy of iZettle

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about new legislation from the EU cutting out fees that card companies can charge, meaning more small businesses might be able to accept card payments than before.

However, having done a little research, it’s clear there are a lot of different solutions available at the moment to small businesses that make...

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What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt when running your business?


Last week we talked about areas that you can learn more about to improve your business overall.

Today we’re asking what’s the biggest thing you have learnt whilst running your business?

Perhaps an awkward customer made you...

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