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Back to school, time to learn


The summer holidays have come to a screeching halt which is either a terrible thing or a very good thing depending on who you talk to. September marks the time where hordes of children, teenagers, young adults and the occasional mature student make tracks back towards their respective institutions of education to work away at their studies for the next academic year.

This could be an ideal opportunity for you to re-evaluate what you could learn in the coming year too. Learning should continue throughout your adult life and now is the perfect time to...

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Card processing fees

Insurance Payments

The European Union is clamping down on payment card companies charging fees to retailers to cover processing card costs. Whilst at present, businesses need to pay large amounts to card companies in order to accept the pieces of plastic as payment, this aims to be capped at 0.3%, down from the current amounts of 0.9%.

This sounds like good news for small businesses everywhere but how could it affect you and what do you need to think about?

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Seasonal influences on trade


Insurance is all about being prepared for the unlikely but still possible dangers affecting you in some way. Having a contingency plan for the worst case scenario is the best way you can prepare for unplanned set backs, but for other areas of your business, you can be forewarned about the sort of conditions facing you.

The business world can be chaotic and as small business owners you will know that you have to keep on your toes. Sometimes the particular ebbs and flows of the year are however predictable and can be prepared for.

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Checking in with your premiums

Couple With Broker

If you’re a new FSB member, or if you’re new to the FSB Insurance Service, it’s a really good idea to check in with one of our advisors to see if they can do anything about the premiums that you’re currently paying on your business insurance.

There are several member services available for you so it’s easy to...

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Welcome to the FSB insurance service blog

Insurance is a massive market and a huge, often complex, industry has been built around it. As a small business, you will have to deal with this industry at some point whether it’s through public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance or something specific to your trade that you just can’t go without...

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