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Visual guides to business insurance


Everyone processes information differently. Newspapers worked this one out a long time ago when they formatted their stories in columns, because it’s just easier to read this way.

When it comes to business insurance, there is often a lot of information to process, but the absolute basics tend to be a bit more straight forward. Getting to those basics can however be a bit of a challenge when you’re faced with a policy wording that might not be written in clear every-day English.

To address this problem, we’ve produced a series of three pdf fact sheets for you. These sit somewhere between an infographic and a product brochure in terms of content and style and many of our clients find these things help them understand exactly what it is they are buying a little better.

The fact sheets are for public liability insurance which is probably the most popular form clients take out, employers’ liability insurance which many business have to take out by law, and shop insurance as an example of a package tailored specifically for a single type of trade.

Public liability insurance fact sheet (pdf)

Employers' liability insurance fact sheet (pdf)

Shop insurance package fact sheet (pdf)

If you have any specific requests for fact sheets for your trade or if there is something you would like to see insurance related distilled into this sort of content, then drop us a comment and we might see what we can do!

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