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Build your own policies to include the following benefits:

  • Computer Breakdown

    Computer Breakdown

  • Employers' Liability

    Employers' Liability

  • Business Interruption

    Business Interruption

  • Professional Indemnity

    Professional Indemnity

  • Buildings Cover

    Buildings Cover

Additional benefits for FSB members

Federation of Small Businesses members qualify for additional benefits and discounts on all office insurance policies.

These benefits include: 

  • Exclusive discounts reserved for FSB Members
  • Higher levels of cover where possible
  • Free access to our Business Continuity Portal

To find out what you are entitled to, give our team a call today on 0345 762 6158.

An office insurance policy specifically for you

Office-based businesses can be the some of the most diverse in nature so sometimes our online service won't cover your requirements, or we might not have thought of everything that you need to ask. In these cases, or if you just want to deal with your office insurance over the phone, call our team on 0345 762 6158.

Over the phone, our advisors will be able to source a policy based around any unusual requirements you might have. Our teams have access to an enormous variety of insurer panels and products through the FSB Insurance Service's connections in the insurance industry, making our offering incredibly flexible.

What does office insurance include?

An office insurance package will best service your business when it addresses exactly what the function of your office is. Not all packages will be appropriate for all offices so it is important to think about what you do and don't need cover for. Our office insurance policies can include the following:

Public liability, employers' liability and product liability insurance: Protecting your business against negligence claims originating from members of staff with employers' liability or claims arising through something you've sold or installed with product liability is important. If you have regular visitors to your office, or members of the public walking in, public liability insurance will also cover similar claims from them.

  • Up to £10m of employers' liability cover
  • Up to £5m of product liability cover
  • Up to £5m of public liability insurance cover

Building cover: The physical building might be something you need to cover if you own the premises. If you lease your office from a landlord, then it might be worth checking whether you really need to include this cover.

  • Accidental damage is included unless otherwise mentioned in the documents
  • Includes all perils your business could face

Computer breakdown: It's rare to find an office these days that isn't wholly reliant on its computer equipment and we have all had experience in just how fickle it can be. This will pay out in the event of computer equipment breaking down despite it being adequately maintained.

Business interruption: Sometimes you will be prevented from trading and will have been unable to do anything about this. If you have to send people home from the office then in some cases, business interruption cover can step in.

  • Up to £500,000 of lost income covered as a result of insured perils
  • Loss of income covered if an insured peril hits one of your main suppliers
  • Loss of income covered if an insured peril hits somewhere in the immediate area that stops you trading 

This can include services being cut off, but not if you've been given adequate warning and definitely not if it's as a result of you not paying your bills!

All office insurance cover is subject to insurers underwriting criteria, terms and conditions. Please contact our team for full details.