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Excess Insurance

Cover excesses on other insurance policies with Insure 4 Excess

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What is Excess Insurance?

Many insurance policies come with an excess in place, which is a sum of money that you will have to pay in the event of a claim before the insurance company covers anything else.

Excess insurance covers this excess in the event that you do make a claim. So long as the excess insurance policy's criteria is met, it steps in to pay your excesses for you.

What options do I have?

Teaming up with Insure 4 Excess, the FSB Insurance Service is able to refer you to its range of lifestyle and motor excess insurance products.

Lifestyle Excess covers excesses payable on any home, pet, travel and car insurance policies. Motor Excess is dedicated to just excesses payable on your car insurance policies.

Levels of cover

Both types of excess insurance can be bought in three levels of cover. Bronze will pay out up to £250 in a single year, Silver £500 and Gold at £750. Their respective prices are fixed and don't vary based on your circumstances and can be seen in the table below.

Lifestyle £250 of cover for £45 £500 of cover for £55 £750 of cover for £65
Motor £250 of cover for £35 £500 of cover for £49 £750 of cover for £59

The links above will take you over to the Insure 4 Excess site to fill in an application form for your chosen level of cover.

Just one policy will cover excesses payable on a range of different insurance products that you currently have and you don’t need to insure each policy’s excess individually.